2017. október 19-23., Official European Continental Cadets and Juniors Sumo Chanpionships 2017

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Younger Cadets (Boys and Girls under 14 years) MU14/WU14
Cadets (Boys and Girls under 16 years) MU16/WU16
Juniors (Men and Women under 18 years) MU18/WU18

October 19 – 23,  Warszawa, Poland

1. TITLE OF EVENT:  European Continental Cadets and Juniors Sumo Championships 2017
                  – Younger Cadets under 14 years (MU14/WU14) October, 20
                  – Cadets under 16 years (MU16/WU16)  October, 21
                  – Juniors under 18 years (MU18/MU18)  October, 22
2. PURPOSE:  To develop and promote sumo in Europe and to establish mutual friendship and goodwill among participating countries.
                      The reunification of the European sumo family.
3. ORGANIZERS: The European Sumo Federation (EFS) and the Polish Sumo Federation (PSF)
4. SPONSORS and SUPPORTERS: – Main sponsor: Ministry of Sport and Tourism I Capital City of Warsaw and Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship
                            – Supporters: Wawer District and Club FUKS
5. DATE OF COMPETITION: October 20-23, 2017
6. COMPETITION VENUE: School sports hall at 5 Poezji Street, 04-994 Warsaw (Wawer district, Falenica estate)
7. ELIGIBILITY: – Member countries of EFS and countries approved by European Sumo Federation.
                – Participants will be girl and boys born between the years of
                             – 2003 to 2005 /U14/
                             – 2001 to 2004 /U16/
                             – 1999 to 2003 /U18/

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